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18" Trim Buddy Tumbler Trimmer

18" Trim Buddy Tumbler TrimmerThe Trim Buddy Tumbler Trimmer reduces harvest time considerably.Compl..

£499.00 Ex Tax: £499.00


TrimbagTrimbag is constructed of durable fabric that is designed to reduce airborne particles. It is..

£299.00 Ex Tax: £299.00

16" Trimzilla Bowl Leaf Trimmer

Save Time and Money with a Trimzilla Bowl  TrimmerThe Trimzilla 16" Bowl Trimme..

£149.95 Ex Tax: £149.95

18" Trimzilla Warrior Cut Leaf Trimmer

Trim Large Quantities of Produce for an Excellent PriceThe Trimzilla Warrior Cut automates the proce..

£594.95 Ex Tax: £594.95

Original SpinPro Trimmer

Original SpinPro TrimmerThe SpinPro Trimmer is basically used to trim off any protruding leaves of y..

£269.95 Ex Tax: £269.95