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1L Elixir Steroids Evoponic

Originally developed to help plants recover from disease, damage, pests and now evolved to boost the..

£49.95 Ex Tax: £49.95

1L Magical Extra Evoponic

Super Boost Plants with Magical VitalityMagi-Cal EXTRA is designed not only to correct the common de..

£16.95 Ex Tax: £16.95

1L Motherkare Evoponic

Revitalises and Maintains Plants Used for CuttingsMotherKare is formulated to revitalises plants use..

£44.95 Ex Tax: £44.95

1L PK Bulk Evoponic

Produces Massively Over-Sized Fruits!PK Bulk is the latest evolution in PK boosters. Naturally, it d..

£39.95 Ex Tax: £39.95

250ml Bud Honey Evoponics

A formulation containing not only oligosaccharides and other essential complex and simple carbohydra..

£7.95 Ex Tax: £7.95

250ml Liquid Ice Evoponic 2-3 Days

250ml Liquid Ice Evoponic

The original and the best! Liquid Ice helps plants to cope and thrive when temperatures rise ab..

£21.95 Ex Tax: £21.95

250ml SuperRootz Evoponic

A completely unique biostimulant containing humates and fulvates in combination with key amino and c..

£18.00 Ex Tax: £18.00

300g Bud Explosion Evoponic

Evoponic 'Bud Explosion' should be used in the first 2 weeks of flowering. It will release your plan..

£75.00 Ex Tax: £75.00