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10 Large Plant Markers

10 Large Plant Markers. Each H13cm x W5.5cm...

£1.45 Ex Tax: £1.45

10L Watering Can

10L watering can with rose. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use...

£6.95 Ex Tax: £6.95

5m Tape Measure

5m (16ft) metal tape measure. Marked in mm and 1/32in graduations. Sturdy durable casing and fea..

£2.95 Ex Tax: £2.95

Canna Spanner

The Canna spanner is a must have tool for opening Canna 5, 10 and 20 litre bottles. You'll never nee..

£4.95 Ex Tax: £4.95

Digital Light Meter Active Eye

Active Eye Digital Light MeterA plant uses the energy that light gives off to photosynthesise. Photo..

£44.95 Ex Tax: £44.95

Disposable Coveralls Large

Disposable Coveralls for Non-Hazardous applications. Provides protection against dust, grime and dir..

£4.00 Ex Tax: £4.00

Dustpan and Brush

Dustpan and Brush to keep your grow room neat and tidy. Available in grey, pink and blue...

£1.50 Ex Tax: £1.50

Grip / Heat Seal Bag 150 x 250mm

Grip / Heat Seal Bag 150 x 250mmMetallised Grip & Heat Seal Bags provide the best way to keep yo..

£0.50 Ex Tax: £0.50

Heavy Duty Pallet Wrap

Black Heavy Duty Pallet Wrap (500mm x 250mm)..

£12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50

Large Zip Zag Bags 27 x 28cm (10 Pack)

Large Zip Zag Bags 27 x 28cm (10 Pack)Zip-Zag Brand manufacture the finest quality and most effectiv..

£7.95 Ex Tax: £7.95

Scoop Garland

Flat based scoop that's ideal for scooping compost, grit, fertiliser etc.Made from durable plastic, ..

£3.00 Ex Tax: £3.00

Expando V2 Tent Maximiser

The Expando Maximiser V2 is a more versatile, durable grow tent maximiser than the original green ve..

£29.95 Ex Tax: £29.95