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50L All Mix Plagron

A richly fertilised, well aerated soil mix, with added worm castings for increased nitrogen content ..

£11.95 Ex Tax: £11.95

50L Grow Mix Plagron

Grow Mix contains enough nutrition for the first 3 weeks of growth. Can be used as a potting mix for..

£10.95 Ex Tax: £10.95

50L Light Mix Plagron 2-3 Days

50L Light Mix Plagron

Plagron Light Mix is a lightly fertilised organic soil mixed with perlite and is ideal for use as a ..

£8.95 Ex Tax: £8.95

Cocos Premium Plagron

Plagron Cocos Premium is ideal because of its structure a perfect base substrate. It is natural..

£10.50 Ex Tax: £10.50